Become Ordained

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Becoming ordained to marry, simply becoming ordained is a serious personal choice that only the individual can make. This step will become part of the total person that you are in life. You are about to become an Ordained Minister in the Universal Ministries. The you submit ordination online when your legal information is received in our office, you will be Ordained in an actual ceremony in Milford, Illinois. You do not need to be present.Ordination is granted freely in faith, although we do have a one-time registration cost, which includes your basic Ordination Credentials or commonly called minister's license you will need in serving others. You will receive your Proclamation of Ordination at the email address you provide in the application shortly after the actual ordination. Next, you will be entered into our Permanent Registry. At that time you will become a fully Ordained Minister, authorized to Perform Weddings and all other sacerdotal Ceremonies.

Complete Ordination

I have been called to devote my life to be of service of humanity. I have chosen to manifest this calling in the form of a legal spiritual Ministry. I request Ordination from The Universal Ministries in order to solemnize and empower that Ministry.

I recognize that each individual follows their own path to spiritual awakening and, as a member and Minister of The Universal Ministries, I vow to respect all paths and honor each person's personal journey toward their personal Truth. I further recognize the diversity of the world and vow to perform my Ministerial duties without prejudice of any kind.

I commit myself to doing what is right, and hurting no one within the laws of my God and man. I seriously declare and certify that I freely and earnestly take the vows above and that I am requesting MEMBERSHIP in The Universal Ministries and, additionally, that The Universal Ministries legally ORDAIN ME AS A MINISTER of The Universal Ministries. I accept and commit to follow the doctrines, the statement of faith and the articles of association of the Universal Ministries.

These vows I hereby make a matter of public record and promise to keep for the good of all: "Do what is right, live a fruitful life, be true to myself and the God each of us worships, while causing no harm to others, and accept the individual's right to worship as they see fit within the laws of their respective countries as well as the Doctrines and Articles of the Universal Ministries."

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