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Psychic Religious Studies

The person that has received each level of degree will proudly display the diplomas in a manner that shows the steps they took to reach the pinnacle of learning. All the diplomas will be placed together in displays of personal attainment. A wall with only the Doctorate will impress some, but will not show why you are deserving of the title to everyone. They can be acquired separately, or now in our Complete Degree Display Packages. These are the degree programs of total merit for the superior person in life.

Registered Degrees
Bachelor Degree

A student may study to reach the level of Bachelor of a more specific interest. At this point many are happy to become Teachers, or professional managers without continuing their education into higher areas of learning. They hang their diplomas with pride of achievement. 

Donation Level: $25.00

Bachelor of:

Certified Degrees
Masters Degree

Once students continue beyond the Bachelors degree, they may go into postgraduate studies of a specialized area of expertise. They work to become a master of their field earning the Master’s degree for their knowledge.

Donation Level: $45.00

Certified Degrees
Doctorate Degree

At last, the few students capable of achieving the highest of all credentials receive the Doctorate(s) of their expertise. They will seldom display all their diplomas, and often maintain a wall full of certificates attaining to their intellectual abilities.

Donation Level: $60.00

Doctor of: