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Life Experience Degrees We acknowledge that your life experiences deserve to be recognized, therefore there are no courses required to obtain any of these degrees. Our credentials are beautifully designed to provide you with professional quality certification. Currently, there are 2 different classes of Life Experience Degrees. If you do not see the degree title you wish, contact rev@universalministries.com and request the title of your choice.

Biblical Religious Studies are practical degrees often received by the working Minister to improve their skills at maintaining a Church or Ministry. Show your ability in these areas by obtaining yours today.
General Religious Studies are usually sought by scholars, professors, archeologists, and historians. Many Ministers will receive them to supplement their training in the General category.

Choose from:
Biblical Studies
Biblical Preaching
Pastoral Counseling
Religious Counseling
Religious Humanities
Religious Preaching
Religious Science
Religious Theology

Choose from:
Church Administration
Church Management
Gospel Music
Spiritual Healing

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