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Main Catalog

Please read this page completely before continuing.

Ordination PackagesWe offer an extensive line of items to serve you. Some folks have asked why we show a donation level in place of a price for items in the catalog and the answer is found in the laws of our Nation. Donations to a church are not the same as purchases from a store and are treated differently under law. As we attempt to comply with the Laws of the world we offer our catalog based in donation levels to the Universal Ministries instead of as a price structuring as found in a specialty stores or religious book stores. The Universal Ministries have a $35.00 minimum Donation Commitment to be Ordained with the Church so we may provide the Legal Documents you need. In 2020 we start the New Federal ID program in All States. We believe Minister Credentials will soon be required in more if all States that don't already have a State Registration requirement. The universal Ministries believe in Do it Right to Start so you are not denied by Government later.
Some church sites offer items through what is referred to as "quid quo pro," which means they sell you a specific article or document for a specific fixed price. These places are considered by law a store or outlet of the organization or even more often, independent stores selling items of a church to earn profits for the store. Such places are commonly referred to as "Paper Mills of Degrees." Little if any of the profits are used in the funding of the real organization, but stay in the hands of the store operators. Under law these stores are businesses. The Universal Ministries is a church that accepts donations to support our Missions in this world.

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We also accept MAIL-IN ORDERS.
Click Here for a printable order form.

Mail-in check payments will be held for up to 3 weeks.
IMPORTANT: If you are planning to pay by credit card, please be sure you supply the name exactly as it appears on the card. Also, please supply the exact address that your card is billed to. You will also be required to provide a phone number. The phone number will be used to verify the payment if all information is not an exact match. If the phone number you supply is not valid and the payment can not be verified, your request will not be filled.

Most items ship within 3 - 5 days or less allowing for holidays and weekends.

Legal statement is to allow 4 weeks for delivery time.

If you have requested clothing, please allow up to 5 weeks for shipment of your request as we order your custom clothing after receipt.
Personalized items include, but are not limited to certificates and ID Cards.
10% surcharge will be withheld on refunds for non-personalized items.

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